August 17

Importance of SEO: MN Web Design

Incorrect MN web design: The vast majority of web sites are built by individuals who have zero formal education or experience with sales or marketing. Therefore it is no big surprise that most websites do not come up on search engines when you Google on their exact business type and location. This is largely caused by three things: lack of relevant content on the home page, misuse of tags and/or overuse of Flash or Javascript.

Correct MN web Design: Rocket55 is a Minnesota website company that understands the importance of search engine ranking and search engine optimization. It is everything. If people aren’t landing on your home page you basically have a digital postcards floating aimlessly in cyberspace. This is why Rocket55 goes to such great efforts to get to know our customers products or services and then understand what keywords their customers are using to find them.

That is the basic minimum starting point for launching a successful Minnesota SEO project.
Defining the key words that need to be used to make the site successful. This can take research at times. At Rocket55 we never know who our next client will be or what industry they will be from.

So one piece of advice we would give to companies that are starting to think about a new site is to do some research on their own. We urge companies to understand the basics of SEO and not hire a company doesn’t have the ability to implement these types of efforts. For any information you can contact Rocket55 for any of you MN web design or MN SEO needs.