July 23

How to Get a Job at a Digital Marketing Agency

Are you creative? Do you have excellent communication skills and a passion for marketing? Chances are you are searching for a job in marketing field or, even more specific, in a digital marketing firm. Like any job, you can’t assume you will be hired simply because you have a passion for it. Preparation is key when going into a job interview. If you lack the necessary preparation, your chances of landing the job become much slimmer.

One of the first steps to take before walking into an interview with a digital marketing agency is to assess your personal skills and attributes. Marketing professionals are required to have analytical skills in order to understand a client’s problems or challenges.  It is also important to possess creative skills in order to develop efficient solutions. Good communication skills are also essential to marketing professional’s success so they are able to present effective recommendations to their clients. Project management skills are crucial for creating budgets, schedules and arranging marketing and promotional campaigns. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, one must be able to work efficiently as a part of a team.

Just because marketing is your passion doesn’t mean that you are 100% guaranteed a job in the industry.  One must have the qualifications to back up their interest in the field. Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communication, or business is very common and useful in this type of work.  However, if you didn’t graduate in a field that transfers smoothly to a digital marketing career, there’s no need to lose hope. Credentials aren’t the most important factor in determining whether you will ultimately land the job. If your passion is clear along with your goals and direction, you still have a great chance of landing your dream job in marketing.  Remain open to the company you are interviewing with and explain why your career goals have changed from time you received your college degree to your decision to embark on a new career path. Being honest and upfront is always a plus and is an attractive quality in a prospective employee.

If you don’t have a degree that lends itself well to a career in digital marketing, it is useful to have experience in marketing to back you up. Marketing agencies seek people who have had experience in the industry and have obtained a track record of success. If you haven’t had the chance to get experience in the field due to any outside circumstances, do everything you can to explain how you will bring success to the company you are interviewing with. Everyone has to start somewhere and companies understand that, so you must make it apparent that you’re ready to take on the work ahead with focus, determination, and success. And remember, companies who are hiring love seeing passion in prospects. So read up on influential blogs and teach yourself about the industry you are looking at.  Many people believe that real world experience beats out college education every time.

Once you’ve put together your resume and are ready for your interview, get work on building your confidence! Confidence is key; no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t believe themselves. The majority of people become nervous when going into an interview but, just remember, nerves and lack of confidence are different things. Remind yourself why you deserve this job and why you are the best candidate for this digital marketing agency. Hold your head high, turn your confidence up, and be prepared to show why your passion will fuel the company’s success. And, most importantly, remember that companies want to hear about what you will do for them, not what you want to get from them.

Good luck!