August 22

How To Break A Bad Habit

Here’s our latest problem: A certain employee of ours will consistently chew the end off any pen within a 3 foot radius of his person. It doesn’t matter if it’s his pen or your pen– he will chew it. We found an effective way to break his habit. Try the Rocket55 method on your resident pen chewer:

Blog Step 1 PhotoStep 1: Very, very liberally coat the end of the pen with No Bite–  A bitter tasting product designed to keep people from biting their nails.

Blog Step 2Step 2: Give the coated pen to the pen chewing offender and begin secretly video recording.

Blog Step 3Step 3: Watch the subject in question insert the pen into their mouth and begin to gnaw.

Blog Step 4Step 4: Wait for reaction.

Blog Step 5Step 5: Watch the subject attempt to mask the hideous taste of No Bite with tabasco sauce. Problem Solved.