June 7

Google Clears Up Their Thoughts on Mobile SEO


Since the release of their Googlebot-Mobile in December, a lot of people have waited for Google to give more details about their mobile algorithm. Recently, their Webmaster trends analyst, Pierre Far, spoke on the recommendations the company has regarding mobile SEO. He discussed the design suggestions for mobile websites and what SEO considerations companies should make to have the best optimization possible for their users.  According to Far, the best approach to take is responsive design, as it offers all users the same overall experience.

Uniformity in URLs is one thing that the responsive design method offers to help develop a strong search presence and make life easier for visitors. This ensures that any and all indexed pages are from the same URL, which helps enhance the site’s overall ranking because the address never changes.

Limiting your company to a mobile specific site is not necessarily advisable. Even though many companies do this, it becomes rather difficult to create lots of traffic through search rankings because the signals are being triggered by two URLs. Far says that more than 30 billion searches will come from mobile devices in 2012, so it is beneficial for a company to have uniformity with their mobile and non-mobile sites to aid in their search rankings.

The lesson we can all learn from Far: unity is key for SEO. Design your site (or sites) with SEO in mind to ensure that Google gives you the proper recognition.