July 3

Give your Ad a Thumbs Up!

PPC Review Extensions

If you are one of the many advertisers with a Pay-Per-Click Adwords campaign we’ve got some good news. Last week, Google announced that there will be an optional component included in your PPC ad; it is called AdWords Review Extensions. This extension allows advertisers to include a snippet of a review from a “reputable third party source.” The information is limited on what qualifies as a reputable third party source, but the good news is that this third party that is giving you props gets a link in your ad, and you don’t have to pay for it! This new component on ads will be very beneficial for local businesses alike as long as your company has good things to be said.

Google has provided two examples of how the ad extensions will work; one snippet can be a quotation from a review or a summary. The review, of course, needs to be available to your company with permission from the source. The publication will be a link directed to either the sources site or the URL where the review can be found as set by the advertiser.

However, as good as all of this sounds; there are several limitations. The Review Extension is limited to 67 characters including the name of the publication. This also sounds like an opportunity for spammers to easily abuse this prime linking real estate. Although Google hasn’t released a lot of information on the subject, Google has stated that it will be reviewed and validated by “automated and human-based systems”.

To get started with your own Review Extension on your PPC campaign, just contact your AdWords manager. As of now, it is a seamless process and will only supplement your existing campaign by sharing a review from a credible source.