October 18

Getting Good Ranking: The Basics

Websites are more than plentiful these days and just because you have one does not mean that you are ever going to get found. In fact I just talked to a woman this week and she said “Oh my site is very good, I come up on the first spot in search results.” Which was true if you typed in red Robin realty St. Paul. But I pointed out to her that if you typed in St Paul Realty, her site did not come up in the first one hundred results. The issue is that her potential customers were not typing in the name of her business they are looking for a broader search term. She is out of the loop, and not going to get any leads from the site she spent so much money on.

One thing that everyone should know is that the realty industry has quite a bit of competition, but it is totally doable. The other frustrating thing about Search engine optimization is that the rules are always changing. The good news is that if you know what those changes are you can avoid wasting time with ones that dont.

Here are the things that you web designer should do:

  • Make sure that your pages actually have your keywords on the pages.
  • Incorporate Key words into Title Tags: It is not even worth your time to mess with Keyword or Description tag. However, the description tag will be listed at times so don,t worry about the content but make it good. Title Tag: limit your tag to fifty characters with spaces.
  • Internal Linking: Make sure all your pages link to each other.
  • External Linking: Create links on other sites that link back to yours using Keyword text.. For example I will Link to my site using text Minnesota SEO

Dont get me wrong there are many components to SEO that I have not mentioned, but these will get you pointed in the right direction. Please drop a response if you have questions.