February 21

Facebook Privacy Settings


If you’re going to have a Facebook account for your company it’s important that you’re aware of the restrictions on your profile. Many users of Facebook aren’t aware of the limitations that are set on business profiles. It’s important that you know these limitations so you can fully utilize your profile and be sure that your followers are aware that you know what you’re doing.

Spammed if you do, Spammed if you don’t….

To prevent businesses from spamming the inboxes of their fans, Facebook does not allow company profiles to initiate private messages. While this seems like a good solution for the fans, it’s definitely frustrating for your business. If you’re running a promotion it’s increasingly difficult to let the winner know that they’ve won. You have to hope that the winner remembers to look at your page. This preventative measure is also very one-sided because you’ll notice your company’s Facebook wall can be spammed with all kinds of junk so be sure to keep your eye out because you’ll have to remove these yourself.

Tag, you’re it!

If you’re trying to tag one of your fans on your page to announce them as a winner of a contest or simply to feature their profile in some way you may run into some difficulties. This can be frustrating because some fans of your page you’ll have no trouble tagging, yet others will never show up. This is because of personal privacy settings. A user can choose whether or not they want all of your company’s fans to see their profile. If a user chooses to disallow just anyone from viewing their page you will be unable to tag them in statuses and comments. Additionally, the rest of your fans won’t be able to see if this user likes a comment, shared a post, or even if the user likes your page altogether!

These are just a couple of the troubles a company can face with their Facebook profile. Keep your eye out for these inconveniences so you can properly engage all of your users and fans.