April 12

Facebook Business Names: Buyer Beware

Par usual Facebook has arbitrarily changed the rules in regards to business pages. Prior to now when you built your Facebook page it wasn’t the end all be all in terms of the information you provided. Now that has all changed. Specifically when it comes to the name of your business page.

In Facebook’s inception you were allowed to change the information on your page as needed. Then about a year ago Facebook decided if you have 200 fans or more you cannot change the name of your Facebook page without sending a request to a Facebook administrator.

Having to contact an admin of Facebook to change the name of your business seems like a pretty big pain, and it was. However, now people are begging for that opportunity. Now, once you have set your page name on Facebook you may not change it if you have over 200 fans. No exceptions. This is particularly frustrating for businesses that change their name or go under new ownership. Now you have to make a choice between having the correct name and keeping your fans.

We all know how difficult it is to gain fans on Facebook so to lose them is quite devastating. However, if your business name is incorrect it’s harder for new fans to find your page. This problem affects so many people that there’s an entire Facebook fan page dedicated to asking Facebook to change this rule.

The good news is, Facebook doesn’t usually keep  rules the same for too long. Hopefully sometime within the next year Facebook will give us a way to change the name of our business pages, regardless of the number of fans a page has. Until then businesses have a tough choice to make: Keep the fans you have? Or make it easier for new ones to find you.