October 9

Measuring ROI in Social Media Campaigns

By now we have all set up Twitter and Facebook accounts, but how do we know if these marketing tools are producing any leads? There are a couple of things I suggest to really capture the true ROI of these Social Media.
1. Implement a thorough lead tracking program at the point of sale. Lead Tracking usually goes in and out of the minds of front line sales employees, but it is an essential component to finding out which of your marketing efforts are paying off.
2. Run Exclusive Campaigns Through Social Media Outlets: You might also begin a new marketing campaign by opening it up to your Facebook Fans or Twitter followers first. Consider offering a 10% discount to followers that retweet your product. By offering a deal exclusively to social media contacts, you can get results that don’t include spillover from your print or radio campaigns. Anyone who used your special “retweet code” would be a direct result of your social media efforts.
3. Measure in the right place: For instance know the importance of choosing the right metrics (ie: click-through-rates not twitter followers)

And remember Rocket55 offers a full range of Social Media packages that will help your company leverage and maximize these mediums for bottom line growth.

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