August 27

Defining a new website

When embarking on the creation of a new website, we at Rocket55 suggest that you define your site through the following questions.

Have you registered a domain name registered?: (e.g.
If you already have a URL, what is it?:
Which company hosts your existing Web site?:
Do you know how much they charge you for hosting each per year?:
How many pages are there in your current site?:
What are the objectives of your current site?:
How many visitors does your current site get?: (daily, weekly, monthly)
How long do they visit the site for?
Are there any features or functions of the current site that you would you like to keep?:
Which ones do you want to get rid of?:
Which products and site pages are most popular?:
Have you had any feedback about your current site ?
Who was your current site designed and developed by?:

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