February 18

Trends in Web Browsers

Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera.  These are just a few of the many web browsing options that are available for Internet users.  According to Rocket55, a Minneapolis web design firm, a large amount of options for the user is a great thing because it drives them to become more powerful, more user-intuitive, and quite frankly, more fun.

For a web designer, however, the sheer number of browsers is not an advantage but a continuous source of problems.  Browser producers are highly competitive with one another to come up with the best, which squashes any cooperation and communication between them.  This leads to each web browser providing a certain specificity in the “rendering” of sites.  Due to the conflict between browser producers, web designers and developers are forced to reconcile and harmonize these discrepancies themselves.

Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55, thinks browser approximations would be a great thing for designers and developers.  It would also bring a substantial improvement to the load time of a web site, which would be great news for the Internet user.