January 22

Quality Content Is Key

Top Minneapolis Websites start with great content.


Content is king. Without original content it is imposible to have a great website. Content is the heart beat of any exceptional Web site. The ability to take a common subject and give it some interest and originality is a rare talent,but necessary to keep visitors coming back. Being a unique voice among the croud of other sites covering the same topic is what diferentiates an average site from a great one.

Even the greatest of content can be ruined by bad graphics. If your graphics are properly used they can greatly enhance a web site and it’s content. Graphis are, in most cases, there to highlight the content. They shuld subtely axcentuate the content not draw attention away from it.

Great presentation is vital to deliver your graphics and content to your users. Good Web sites do not keep the user guessing. Their purpose is immediately clear. Navigating a good website is intuitive and easy to follow. Content and graphics flow seamlesly into great presentation and moving to new content it is a simple and clear. Most importantly, a great website is run by a competent and knowledgeable webmaster. One who knows how to seamlessly move the visitors to each level of the site. A great website is a library of content. It just does what it is supposed to do and leaves the hoopla behind.

Great websites are dsined for people. The internet may the cutting edge of technology but the most advanced thing that it dose is interact with people. The great web sites are the ones with the developers who not only have all the tech skills and the people skills to boot. Creating a website that interacts well withpeople, that draws them into a sense of comunity, that is the mark of a great designer.