May 18

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Social Media

In today’s world, people live on social media. Whether we’re messaging friends that live across the country, snapping a selfie to post on Instagram, or trying out the latest Snapchat filter, we use social platforms to connect us to the things we care about. We’re likely to run into a few ads, too. That’s why

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February 11

The Weekly Briefing: Google Penalizes Websites for Spammy Content Markups

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed a new reason for Google to penalize websites … Some webmasters have recently received manual penalties from Google for having spammy structured markups on their websites, according to a report from Search Engine Roundtable. More specifically, the messages inform users that they’re being penalized for “marking up content that is

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November 19

The Weekly Briefing: Google Voice Ups the Ante on Complex Questions

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders discussed how Google Voice Search is continually evolving… Google recently announced that its voice search app has grown to understand more complex questions – allowing it to better comprehend intent when device users ask questions. Areas in which the app has advanced in include superlatives, ordered items, particular points in

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October 2