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June 13

Google Shares the Latest During Visit to Rocket55

As a Google Premier Partner, Rocket55 has a strong relationship with the company behind the world’s most popular search engine.   While Google projects like self-driving cars, wireless internet connectivity for people in rural and remote areas worldwide, and glucose testing contact lenses capture headlines, the Google team visited Rocket55 to provide additional insights on

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The Weekly Briefing: Google Officially Confirms Top 3 Ranking Factors (Kinda)

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared the anticipated reveal of Google’s top three ranking factors… In an unexpected turn of events, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google Andrey Lipattsev unceremoniously unveiled the top three list of Google ranking factors – links, content, and RankBrain (RankBrain holds postion #3 in order of importance, while links and content

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