March 3


Blogging began as a personal online publishing system which allowed individuals to quickly and simply write, publish and distribute their own opinions via the internet.  Blogging has grown to unparalleled proportions which allows businesses to expand and corporate deals to be made. People have effectively utilized the social media of blogging and helped it grow into something that is incorporated into their daily lives.

We’ve experienced the evolution of social media in the last decade, and we cannot help but ponder over the fact that blogging has completely revolutionized the way we interact with people, thus helping us build a community, sharing thoughts and ideas. Blogging brings communication to a whole new level on the internet. Blogging is so popular these days that millions of people are talking to one another through their blogs right now.  Within the next few years, everyone on this planet will be blogging, whether it’s about their personal life, to share interests and hobbies or about their businesses, to enhance communication and culture in a corporation. In fact we are seeing such a transformation right now. Blogging is a fantastic platform by which marketers are able to reach out to millions of potential consumers on the internet. Blogging also brings branding and public relations to a new level.

Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 is making constant efforts to push through the boundaries.  Blogging and blog design is now getting a new momentum that is reviving this trend and giving it a new dimension at the same time.