June 28

Basic Web Page Background Techniques from Minneapolis Web Design Company

The background is one of the most important, easily changeable elements to consider in web design. The following are some things for web designing beginners to remember when styling the body of their web page.

A single background color can be very effective when creating a web site. Browsers default to white, but it is easy to specify a single color that goes with the theme of your site. Repeating patterns and textures are also another approach to the site background. These repeating patterns and textures come in a variety of styles ranging from simple patterns to complex ones. Though one should be careful not to overdo it too much.

Both large and small graphic images can be used in backgrounds as well. With careful image compression, large and small images can be an effective tool in web site design. Larger background images should fade out to a solid color to create the desired seamless transition, for instances of vertically long pages.