Web Analytics Minneapolis

Our innovative analytics techniques will help you understand how visitors experience your website and, ultimately, increase your search ranking. The insights gained through web analytics enable us to make improvements to your site and help it function better. The result: a more profitable bottom line. As part of any healthy Minneapolis SEO program, in depth web analytics will help you strengthen your site and surpass your competitors in rankings and conversion.

The benefits of successfully applied web analytics include:

  • Insight into visitor activity
  • Insight into common entrance and exit rates
  • Understanding conversion rates and how to improve them
  • Identifying traffic patterns and where they break down
  • Learning how users interact with your site

Delivering optimal user experience and connecting with potential customers are just a couple of the ways that our web analytics will help you to not only understand your Online Key Performance Indicators, but also to connect with your online visitors and improve your ROI.


Understanding your visitors is critically important to your bottom line. Our Minneapolis online marketing professionals offer insights into how your site can reach a whole new level. Through a deeper understanding of your web site data, you can implement actionable plans to maximize the potential of your business initiatives.


We believe that any investment in advertising should be tracked and measured to see what aspect is producing the most ROI. Let’s face it, it used to be easier to create a stable ad campaign and know approximately what you would be getting out of it prior to the inception of the Internet, but now all the rules have changed. Trends in online advertising switch and morph rapidly, which is why you need a skilled partner who has the web expertise it takes to succeed.


Knowing what works is 75% of the battle. Rocket55’s Minnesota online marketing experts have come up with implementable systems that will measure the overall return on various online marketing mediums. This means that you can adjust your spending to give you the maximum return.