Minneapolis Mobile Web Design Experts

Look around you: at your local coffee shops, and parks – anywhere really – you will notice that nearly everyone has their eyes glued to their phones. Mobile Internet use has surpassed desktop Internet use, and with ever-evolving search algorithms accounting for mobile friendly factors, your business better have an online presence that is accommodating to those users.

The browser-based mobile web market is growing at an explosive pace and is becoming a necessity for all businesses, small and large, to get involved. With a number of successful mobile designs under our belt, Rocket55 is adept at identifying the needs of your mobile users and translating their desired experiences into a powerful, speedy, user-friendly mobile site.

After hearing “20XX will be the year of Mobile,” year after year, one thing is for certain: mobile is here to stay. Therefore, to target this growing mobile audience, you need to make your presence felt by either incorporating mobile responsive design into your website, or building a dedicated mobile site. Which tactic is right for you? Check out these 4 things to keep in mind when considering mobile websites.

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