June 17

Apple’s Steve Jobs Introduces iCloud

Rocket55, a Minneapolis Web Design firm, began to find amazement on Apple’s latest technology “the iCloud” as they reported Apple’s Steve Jobs’ introduction of it at the Worldwide Developers Conference on a Monday. According to the firm’s sources, the new technology can superbly dominate the rest of other companies’ storage devices. It is a hard drive where files from any device can instantaneously be stored in just a jiff. The contents received by your device are automatically sent through an internet connection to “the cloud” drive after which it automatically syncs the devices.

Cloud computing is the process behind which already existed years before with popular search engines like Google and Hotmail, Gmail, etc. How does it work? All of these have shared servers contained in huge data centers than to be stored in personal drives. Unlike these web contents that use cloud technology, Apple created its own software divergence. Cloud computing for Apple isn’t in terms of software replacement but it’s a process of augmentation.

There’s no need to do back-up for contents can be accessed anywhere once it has been transferred. Microsoft tried to implement the slogan “Software plus Service” but didn’t seem to succeed on it. With Apple’s cloud service of software augmentation, interactive browsing and storage are a few clicks away.
Apple is a visionary with its iCloud technology being an alternative to that of Google’s. It is created to provide an environment where it is built to be user-friendly and at the same time is rich with its diverse features.

This Minneapolis Web Design company lastly reported that it took ten years for Microsoft to create similar technology. In the meantime, Apple also tried. For them, failure is part of the challenge before they discovered iCloud and finally succeeded.