February 28

Another 2011 Web Design Trend: Minimalism

Minimalism is powerful yet difficult to master. It contains nothing but the most important. Everything else is removed, resulting in maximum impact of the elements that are present.  Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 believes in keeping it simple.

Minimalist web designs require a strong grid system to be effective. They have plenty of white space, and so without that grid, a minimalist design would feel disconnected and messy. The grid gives it organization and structure.

There are several ways to simplify. A one-page layout exhibits two of these ways: hiding and removing.  Effective one-page layouts hide any elements that are not a priority. If a user wants to see one of those elements, they can click to uncover it. This is much more effective than leaving everything visible, which would make the page complicated and confusing.

Another way to simplify web design is showing a lot of white space.  In the early days of web design, we didn’t have much screen space to work with, and so we didn’t show much white space. Now that we have higher resolutions and the ability to hide and reveal elements with JavaScript, using white space is much easier.

White space is critical to good design. It gives the eye a place to rest. It naturally improves the quality of a design and it shows which elements are related to each other by way of proximity.

Minneapolis web design and SEO firm, Rocket55 offers the opposite of a cluttered design.  Rocket55’s modern mantra is to do away with unnecessary information and keep the user as focused as possible on page content rather than distractions.