March 9

Another Social Media Opportunity

Facebook has changed the social media game for businesses with the recent release of Facebook Deals.  Everyone likes getting a great deal, but it’s not always easy to find the right one without feeling hassled or inconvenienced.   Local businesses will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their place on Facebook.  You can see what offers are nearby and share those deals with your friends.

As a customer, Facebook Deals sounds like a fantastic, easy application to seamlessly integrate into your life but what does that mean for businesses?  One of the greatest aspects of Facebook Deals is that you can build loyalty among customers.  This is accomplished through Deals in general, since the customer is rewarded each time they visit your store, as well as through a specific type of deal call “Loyalty Deals”.

The second major advantage of Facebook Deals is the social distribution you gain from using it.  As customers check-in and redeem deals, stories are published to their profile about the deal.  The result is that their friends will see when they redeem deals and in turn help spread awareness about your company.

The convergence of local, mobile, and social is about to generate a tidal wave of change and we stand on the cusp of it.  If these trends continue, the overall shopping experience will become much more social for a large percentage of transactions.  If you think about all the purchases that already involve social experiences (movies, concerts, travel, etc.), it makes sense the next wave of innovation in the social commerce space will be on the Internet.  While it’s easy to roll your eyes at Groupons, this is a trillion dollar market that is just beginning to unfold.

Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 offers new Facebook customization and with this fairly recent release of Deals, it is now more than ever in your company’s best interest to get ahead of the pack.