March 21

A Better Website… Basically

When’s the last time you updated your website? I mean really updated it. If you’ve been doing your industry research you’re probably seeing more and more modern, high-impact designs. The worst part is… that’s your competitor you see ahead of the curve.

In most cases your site doesn’t need to be completely redone. A couple of tweaks to your site can make all the difference. As proud as we are that you have mastered the spell-check tool on Microsoft word, here are a few ideas that even you, the businessperson, can do that will punch up your website.

Less is more

If you have more than 10 items under each heading on your navigation, start cleaning house. Try to condense your menus down to just a few drop downs on each heading. This will make navigating your site much easier for your visitors and allow them to find what they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time.

Get in touch

The most obvious form of contact (since users are already on your website) is via telephone. It’s very important to have your phone number prominently featured on your homepage. Many people use the Internet like an advanced phonebook. Your site should include your phone number, business hours and directions.

Another way more and more people are looking to stay connected is through social media, but before you put social icons like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on your website, make sure the pages contain content that will help your business.

Cut the distractions

If your site contains distracting aspects, do the rest of us a favor and take them down. I’m sure you’ve seen them; annoying splash pages that pop out as soon as you were about to click on what you were looking for. Or worse, the music and videos that automatically play when you’re trying to read information. The last thing you want is to annoy your visitors. These distractions will prevent users from browsing your site.

Although all of these changes can be made fairly easily, it’s just the beginning of an entire plethora of work that can be done in today’s world of web design. Start with the basics and if it still looks like you’re behind the curve, call Rocket55.