March 14

My Trip To Haiti
I was recently granted the opportunity to take a trip to Haiti to visit my best friend Ali who is working for “World Wide village,” a non-profit organization. World Wide Village focuses on helping families in Haiti by providing funds, resources and expertise ultimately in hopes to transform lives and empower those communities still in need from the 2010 earthquake.

This is a trip I will not soon forget. Through experiencing the unique daily rhythm of life in Haiti you quickly realize that it is a beautiful country like no other. Although the island nation has fallen from front-page news, the need for rebuilding is still present and the potential is as great as it’s ever been. Through building homes and reaching out to individuals, World Wide village is able to work alongside the Haitian people and empower them to actively create the very future that they desire for their own families.
Take Action: 
We at rocket 55 are happy to be making a donation to World Wide Village and would like to let you know how you can do the same or how you can help in other ways….

Below is a link to the worldwide village website along with a video made by Shannon Kelly, another Worldwide Village employee living in Port au prince Haiti. Check out her blog at,,
World Wide Village At