March 23

Social Media Tips

Here are some marketing tips from Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55, to further explore and continue your company’s social media campaign.

  • Give a common voice to tweets and posts, and maintain a consistent tone that fits your target audience.
  • Find out what followers are interested in and generate conversations. Do not be too controversial but do ask questions.
  • Encourage customers to follow the brand and post about their experiences.
  • Keep a look out for complaints because just as conversations can help brands, bad comments can spiral. Be polite, address the issue and hopefully a positive outcome will then be shared.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions of followers, they will feel empowered by being asked for service or product improvements.
  • Beyond measuring sentiment, metrics, or buzz, consider going more in-depth and researching the topics where your brand is being mentioned, it may give an insight into areas where you can extend marketing reach.
  • Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are great places to get qualitative feedback from fans and followers. So be proactive in asking questions of your engaged customer base.
  • Consider approaching your most active social media followers for face-to-face research. Those who have shown the most interest in your brand could well be a source of inspiration for improvements and future product and service developments.

More to come soon!