December 30

Rocket55’s SEO Mythbusters Special

Regardless of how privy you are to Internet changes, search updates, groundbreaking technology, or who’s who in the digital marketplace, one thing is perfectly clear – things are always changing. Even if you are Joe Shmoe and spend your days calculating numbers and waiting in line at coffee shops, you notice that ads are showing

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December 18

December 11

The Weekly Briefing: Where to Send Your Customers to Write Google Reviews

Marketing Specialist Chip Fox discussed recent changes to Google+ that affect local businesses… Google continues to make changes to Google+, most recently separating Google Business listings from the struggling social media platform. Essentially, this means your new business listing is what appears in the knowledge graph via search results. And while G+ business pages were

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December 8

How to Get Around Google’s Removal of ‘Change Location’ for Local Search Results

Last week, Google without explanation removed the ability for users to change their locations within search results. Rather, the search giant opted for a real-time geolocation setting that initially looked like it couldn’t be changed…at least until recently. Good news for the marketing world: A workaround has been discovered. Directions So now that this important feature

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December 3