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November 19

The Weekly Briefing: Google Voice Ups the Ante on Complex Questions

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders discussed how Google Voice Search is continually evolving… Google recently announced that its voice search app has grown to understand more complex questions – allowing it to better comprehend intent when device users ask questions. Areas in which the app has advanced in include superlatives, ordered items, particular points in

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November 13

The Weekly Briefing: Google Spills Its Secret Sauce

SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer shared a study regarding age, gender, and emotional responses to viral marketing … This year we’ve survived mobilegeddon, accepted the use of artificial intelligence in search, and experienced multiple modifications to the Knowledge Graph. However, the one thing the digital marketing world is still wrapping around is the content conundrum. In

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November 6

The Weekly Briefing: How We Search, Website Hostility, and SEO Tips for the Holidays

Account Manager Reed Langton-Yanowitz shared some interesting stats that were revealed at last week’s 7thingsmedia’s Consumer Search Behaviour event… According to the event summary from Search Engine Watch’s editor Christopher Ratcliff, some surprising search trends and behaviors are at work. Here are some of the top stats to take note of: ‘Near me” searches have

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