October 30

The Weekly Briefing: Search Zombies Are Eating Up All the RankBrain

Content Marketing Strategist, Angela Sanders, and SEO/SEM Account Manager, Michelle Conway, told us about the newest addition to the Google’s search algorithm arsenal… This week Google officially announced its newest – and most intuitive – search intelligence gatherer to date: RankBrain. RankBrain is best described as a machine-learning artificial intelligence system, or as a recent

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October 29

October 23

The Weekly Briefing: Befriending Your Buyer and the Reviewers Review

SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer gave us tips for improving content marketing strategy by establishing buyer personas … Content marketing has unofficially become the newest buzzword in the digital marketing world – Google has made it into something quite valuable (think the Panda algorithm). While everyone frantically writes more and more content, it seems that the

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October 16

The Weekly Briefing: Understanding How Google Won the SEO Battle

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders talked about how Google has “won” the SEO battle … Earlier this month, Search Engine Land published an article declaring Google as the victor of the great SEO battle, and even more notably, it has “remade an entire industry and turned their former enemies into allies.” So, how did they

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October 9

October 2