August 28

The Weekly Briefing: Google Considers Video Ads in Results After Head Start by Competition

SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz discussed a new advertising option Google is testing… Google almost never lags behind the competition in regards to search engine options, but one of the few exceptions is in the area of advertising, specifically concerning promoted videos directly in search results. The tech giant doesn’t currently provide them, but it’s something

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August 22

August 13

The Weekly Briefing: With “G” Covered, Google Looks to Span the Entire Alphabet

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders and SEM Specialist Andrew Vanderiet discussed big changes at Google… On Monday, Google sent shock waves through the online world, announcing a significant business reshuffling that will see the tech giant become a subsidiary of a newly created parent company called Alphabet. The move helps better organize Google as it

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August 11

SEO for Amazon: Optimizing Your Products to Rank Higher

Google may be the biggest name in all things search, but it doesn’t necessarily dominate online retail. In fact, the obvious award winner in that space goes to Amazon. In recent years, the site has opened its doors, making it easier than ever for everyday small businesses and individuals to use the powerful platform to

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August 7

Online Sales Tax: Money, Monopoly, and What It Means for E-Commerce

The U.S. government’s, or at least one Congressman’s, latest effort to establish economic parity between online retailers and their physical counterparts takes form in the Remote Transactions Parity Act. Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT 3rd District) introduced the bill back in June with the intent of requiring online businesses to charge sales tax on goods and

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August 5

The Weekly Briefing: Defeating Your Writer’s Block

Copywriter Hannah Scherrer shared a few tips to help with content ideation … Sometimes coming up with content for clients can be difficult, especially if their industries are not particularly exciting. Isla McKetta recently published a quick guide to brainstorming and delivering quality content. Horizontal thinking and lateral brainstorming were two tips to help writers

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