July 30

July 24

The Weekly Briefing: Optimizing Your Content for Google Featured Snippets

Developer Zac Forsman and Copywriter Hannah Scherrer discussed Google’s Featured Snippets in search… Google has sought to enhance the user experience with featured snippets, something that showcases bits of content from websites directly within search results – helping answer search queries without forcing users to actually click on website links and dig through content. For

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July 20

SEO for Apps: How Apple App Indexing is Changing the Online Optimization Field

Apple and Google both announced in June that they would start improving their app search capabilities by instituting new technologies that index deep content within apps. The specifics of Apple’s indexing approach were detailed in the first article of a three-part series from Search Engine Land. Essentially, app indexing is the accumulation of information within

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July 16

The Weekly Briefing: Customer Reviews Enter Google’s Knowledge Graph

SEO copywriter Jared Townsend talked about review snippets showing up in Google searches … Search Engine Land reported that Google has started using “product card units” to show star-reviews and customer comments regarding certain products in search results. However, the source of these snippets is difficult to pinpoint, as Google collects reviews from many sites

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July 13

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