May 23

SVGs: What They Can Do For Your Website

With retina displays becoming more common and inexpensive, web designers need to accommodate for this rapidly growing new technology. Retina displays have a pixel density that is so high your eye can’t distinguish individual pixels.  This can have a major effect on small images that you put on your website such as icons and logos.

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May 16

Facebook Emoticons: How Your Business Will Benefit

Remember the original Facebook status? “Lauren is:_____________” . In Facebook’s inception you were supposed to write how you were feeling. If you’ve seen The Social Network perhaps we can agree this was a good outlet for creator Mark Zuckerberg’s angst. After a while, Facebook nixed the “is” to allow for users to write anything that

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May 10

May 2

The True Value of a Facebook Like

Everyone who’s anyone seems to have a Facebook page for their business these days. So it’s clear that companies are starting to realize the true value a simple Facebook page can make for their business. If you haven’t yet built a Facebook account for your brand, you absolutely should. Why? New research is stating that

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