May 31

Social Media for Severe Weather

Severe weather season is now in full swing in Minnesota. There are a lot of important preparations that should be made in order to keep you and your family out of harm’s way. Having food, water, flashlights and a radio in your emergency supply kit are important, but don’t forget about adding your cell phone

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May 22

Move Over Internet Explorer…

Google Chrome Becomes #1 Search Engine Used World Wide Internet Explorer can likely say goodbye to its number one Internet browser spot for a while, as Google Chrome has edged it out of the top spot. Chrome has pushed Internet Explorer off the top spot before for small time increments, but last week marked the

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May 17

Did Google Just Get Even Smarter?

After that wake of SEO changes that Google left in March, they have followed up with another ground-breaking release for Google users. It seems that this powerhouse search engine has actually gotten smarter. Google has unveiled what they are calling the “Knowledge Graph.” This new technology works to interpret what users actually mean by their

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May 11

Rocket55 Donates Web Design Services to Deserving Local Charity

In part of our dedication to community outreach, Rocket55 has decided to donate our web services to an extremely worthy and wonderful local non-profit organization, Cakes on Wheels. This organization, started by Minneapolis woman Veronica Descotte, bakes and delivers birthday cakes to kids whose families can’t afford them. Descotte and the Cakes on Wheels organization

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May 1

Trust in Advertising

Advertising: every business uses it, every person is exposed to it in some way. But how effective is it? With the constant stream of advertising being thrust at them from every direction, how effective is advertising to the average consumer? Because people are exposed to advertising in so many different mediums, it all comes down

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