May 2

2011 Predictions about SEO

Minneapolis SEO and web design firm, Rocket55 presents some more predictions about the future of SEO in 2011.

Original content is going be important but only as much as the content floor.  It’s going to take more unique content for each link to count.

Web spam.  Spammy sites will be consolidated into a few with the “little guy” no longer able to compete.  Basically, large web sites will be able to compete because they have more authority.

Instead of Anchor Text being a strong signaling for ranking, it will now be more important for LSI and to help establish keyword relationships.  Google bombing your anchor text isn’t going to be as important as using your anchor text to help Google associate your site with terms and synonyms that it wouldn’t find on its own.

More no-follow links are going to be selectively followed if the no-follow tag was not added by the developer of the page.  Google will selectively start following some Twitter and Facebook links as long as they rise above the spam criteria.  So a blog comment might still be no-followed as the owner of that page is the one dictating he doesn’t want it to be followed but a twitter page will be followed as it’s not the intent of the page owner for the links to be no-followed.