August 28

Goals of a MN Web Site

Before you go out and hire a web design company take a close look at what your website should do. Defining your exact needs will help you avoid costly mistakes in the construction of your new site. Here are some examples of topics that business sites should convey in order to land more customers. [

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August 27

Defining a new website

When embarking on the creation of a new website, we at Rocket55 suggest that you define your site through the following questions. Have you registered a domain name registered?: (e.g. you already have a URL, what is it?:Which company hosts your existing Web site?:Do you know how much they charge you for hosting each

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Tracking SEO Links

If you are going to create a linking campaign, you will need to track this activity. My suggestion is to start an excel file with the following fields. Site name, Appearance URL, Submission URL, Date of submission, URL of page you asked others to link to, Whether reciprocal link or payment is required and date

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August 26


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of sculpting your web page content and code to be as highly presentable and technically available on your niche keyword as possible. SEO specialists call upon a variety of tasks to modify linking structure, meta tags, and page content in order to help your website to help itself.

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August 25

MN Web Design

Search Engine Optimization is absolutely scalable to local or regional needs. Much of our work fits under the category of MN web design, with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Equiping a website with the needed elements for an effective localized SEM campaign takes skill and know how. For more

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August 18

SEO and Minnesota Businesses

Most Search Engine Optimization efforts are targeted at the wrong spectrum of potential customer. For instance, most of our SEO work targets Minnesota businesses, but that doesn’t always mean that their keyword implementation should be limited to Minnesota consumers. Rocket55 first identifies the geographical area that the company wants to target. Then we start our

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August 17

Importance of SEO: MN Web Design

Incorrect MN web design: The vast majority of web sites are built by individuals who have zero formal education or experience with sales or marketing. Therefore it is no big surprise that most websites do not come up on search engines when you Google on their exact business type and location. This is largely caused

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